Introducing the Fan-Jet Waterspout

Something to break the silence or calm roadside traffic noise and bring life to your garden, home or office…

We introduce to you our creative DIY installed FAN-JET WATERSPOUT that will provide instant Living Water E-Motion effects to any pool or pond.

Bring your garden to life and experience the wonder of natural sight and sound therapeutics, without the need for any additional construction or external plumbing.

How it works:

  1. An easy to use Aimflo nozzle attachment connects a vertical pipe to the spout with optional angles of water projection.
  2. Simply remove the Aimflo jet lock ring,
  3. remove the directional nozzle and
  4. screw on the spout adaptor.

The water flow that now returns above waterline can also provide solutions to rimflo pool owners by preventing flooding of rimflo chambers when non return valves fail.

This also allows APC’s to work unhindered by directional water flow of high pressure return lines. When switched off, it will allow zero pressure on below-water level pipe lines and filtration systems, reducing the possibility of any unnecessary strain on the pump impeller when starting up.

Our experience upon testing indicated a  rapid particulate removal with the increased volume of surface skimming.  Extensive aeration ultimately improves water quality and reduces chemical consumption.

Add a Splash of Class this Summer with this new, totally uncompromising and all-round value added water feature. An instant improvement now available to both waters capes and pool owners alike!

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