About us

In 2003 we began to manufacture and supply specialized swimming pool products,  including exclusive stainless steel water features, accessories, textile mosaics and motifs for fibre glass pools as well as various other related ancillaries to customers in South Africa and worldwide.

NIXIN (NIX INnovations) is made up of a vibrant team of individuals with diverse skills who are passionate about utilizing facets of their natural human talent pertaining to design, development and creative problem solving ability. Focused on ‘Exclusive Lifestyle Innovations‘ we endeavor to deliver the highest level of sheer engineering brilliance!

We attribute our success to the passion and ambition of each member in their field of expertise, including 3D design, laser cutting, CNC machining and stainless steel fabrication, textile printing and processing.

With a tool-making and general engineering background – a career associated with Polymer science since 1981 – and with partners from the construction and textile industry who combine for extensive experience, we now modernize poolware at private homes and hospitality establishments alike. 

The development of our Stainless Steel poolware NIX-INOX product range is ongoing. Each of our new and existing poolware components are manufactured and finished to exacting standards either by CNC or LASER CUT technology to within 0.1mm tolerances.

These standards guarantee the effectiveness, performance and durability, especially in Water Dynamics displays such as our Cascading Spouts, Rain Curtain and Fountain water features. NIX-INOX now has water creations either falling, ascending or flowing horizontally for optimum therapeutics in sight & sound effects.

NIX-INOX is mastering the art of “Living Water”, which has a natural revitalization effect desired by stressed city dwellers! Water effects have endless actions and reactions depending on the source and feature design.

NIXIN State-of-the-art Stainless Steel waterspouts exude silver streaming cascades of living water… emanating multiple refreshing sounds of whispering wellness… that create an acoustical ambience of sensational therapeutic tranquillity!

A NIX-INOX PRODUCT is an expression of our creativity, designed to enrich those who are privileged to utilize their fine worth.