NIXIN Parabond Epoxy 421 5l



  • Water based Polyamide formulated with specialized light weight fillers to create a Multi purpose thixotropic adhesive with proven application performance and guaranteed reliability.
  • Can be used as an adhesive & grout for specialized applications in the swimming pool, boat building, aeronautics, automotive, mould making, tiling & construction industries.
  • Bonds to non flexible surfaces and is compatible to most solid materials such as Concrete, Wood, Steel , Aluminium , Glass, PVC and GRP composites.
  • Modified to extend its range of specialized applications to include sealing underwater glass windows, applying ceramic or glass mosaics to Fibreglass & concrete surfaces.
  • Has a thixotropic nature making it ideal for waterproof tiling applications, without sagging on vertical surfaces. Excellent grip even on small areas such as Listellos , Bullnoses and step edgings.
  • It can also be used to anchor bolts & balustrades in concrete provided all surfaces are clean and dry!
  • When used by Panelbeaters & boat builders as a gap filler or fairing compound, it can be easily sanded & shaped when cured and is compatible with most primer & finishing coatings.
  • Non-flammable , safe for transport & storage with an extensive shelf life. Guaranteed results when  mixed well by 4 parts base & 1 part hardener (4:1) also curing underwater.
  • The most renowned & vastly versatile bonding agent used by leading manufacturing, repair & construction industries !
  • “It’s Got Grip!”