What sort of panache mosaics would best suit your pool?

Do you have a flair for brilliance and boldness? Then we have something for you! Panache mosaic tiles are a great addition to your swimming pool. These stunning tiles come in many different styles to suit your preferences and the style of your pool. Read about the different panache mosaics below and the best choices for your pool:


The modern panache mosaics that we have on offer are Magic Marble, Regal Riven, Porcelain Puzzle, Prism Matrix and more. These modern designs are perfect to border the rim and steps of a modern pool with clean straight lines. This subtle look gives your pool a dash of personality without being too dramatic. Though, these mosaics can be used in a more eccentric way by covering the pool floor from end to end.



The more traditional panache mosaics include the Cosmic Terrazzo, Macro Greek, Tuscan Quartzite and more. These designs have a classic elegance about them, making them ideal for traditional households that want to maintain their style from the interior to the exterior. The usual choice for the traditional panache mosaic style is to mosaic every inch of your pool, with a very subtle mosaic as the pools base. However, this style may be too over-the-top for some, but a traditional mosaic rim will still do the trick for an elegant look.



While there are mosaic tiles that clearly fall into traditional and modern mosaic themes, there are a few basic panache mosaics that could fall into either category. Panache mosaics such as Topaz, Frozen Fossil, Marston and more are the perfect option to get the very simple yet charming look that you desire for your pool. Use this panache mosaic around clean cut edges, curvy lines and more.