SST Airless Mixing Spindle

Using a NIXIN AIR-LESS MIXING SPINDLE guarantees the best materials performance in non-mechanised Composite application processes!
Price: R 362.25


Advanced Polymer Technology utilizes the simplistic design of the “AIR-LESS” SPINDLE to mix & stir at the maximum level of efficiency, without creating a vortex & inducing air into the mixed material.

The improvements of this vital process will help prevent air inclusions in the composite and reduce future symptoms of Osmosis or blistering.

Thoroughly mixed resin systems will dynamically improve the cure & the ultimate performance of the composite as a whole – from the application & curing process to the durability & longevity of the end product.

The NIXIN AIR-LESS SPINDLE is made in 316 Grade Stainless Steel & allows for easy use & cleaning in Acetone solvent.

Proper use & care will ensure best performance of a long lasting vitally needed tool.


90 x 2mm SST Spindle Disc
425 x 8mm SST Hexagon Shaft